We're building accurate models to discover new drug modalities - starting with cancer.

We find how and where immuno-oncology drugs might fail in clinical trials well before they even start.

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The journey from the bloodstream to the tumour is a long winding road for an immune cell.

It’s filled with traps, distractions and barriers (tumour microenvironment) orchestrated by the tumour to prevent the immune cell from killing it.

Each tumour is different and it’s difficult to predict which strategy the tumour will use so we don’t exactly know how we can help the immune cells.

This is why only about 12% respond to immunotherapy

But there's a solution.

We're building TMEmic, a next-generation in-vitro model - the most accurate model of the tumour microenvironment for each cancer.

We combine proprietary material formulations, sensors, and comprehensive phenotyping workflow to figure out how cancer could stop the most advanced immuno-oncology approaches. 

In doing so, we uncover ways we can equip immune cells to traverse through the tumour microenvironment. We can provide our immune cells a shield, armour, or a sword to overcome the treacherous tumour microenvironment and reach the tumour.

We’re a multidisciplinary team of biologists and bioengineers passionate about tackling cancer.

We have extensive experience recreating cellular microenvironments and understanding biological phenomena.

We're grateful for the ongoing support of our collaboration and grant partners, helping to drive innovation in drug modalities.  

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